About Us

Telluride Education Foundation’s mission is to raise money to invest in the enrichment of K-12 education in the Telluride School District.

Telluride Education Foundation is committed to strong, sustained and equitable educational excellence for every student in the District. We strive to be a unifying force in supporting our public schools and bringing together educators, parents, students, local business and community members.

Our goal is to support initiatives inside and outside the classroom that promote the following:

1. We support programs that encourage our students to become well-rounded adults who encompass honor, integrity and character; programs that instill a strong work ethic in our students by encouraging hard work in the classroom, on the field and on the stage.

2. We support programs that help foster academic curiosity and wisdom in our graduates with an intellect that creates success in secondary education and in the workforce. We encourage and foster an atmosphere where learning is valued, as we believe that makes our children better students.

3. We give students the tools to create change now and in the future and we teach them about service and civic engagement, so they learn how to be good global citizens. We equip them with the ability to harness and create change for the rest of their lives.

Our long term vision is focused on three areas:

We support programs that inspire our students to love learning; programs that help them discover how to think critically, communicate effectively, engage creatively, and collaborate purposefully. We support opportunities for our students to grow in all dimensions – intellectual, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and moral.

Telluride Education Foundation sponsors activities that teach our students leadership, honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, courage and integrity.

We support initiatives in our school and our community that produce global thinkers and students who care about our community through civic engagement.