TELLURIDE, COLORADO OCTOBER 18, 2020:  Telluride Education Foundation launches the new Telluride Compassion Campaign, Tuesday, October 20th, to raise community awareness and financial support for the unique needs of our schools and to provide support to our local business community in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the Telluride Compassion Campaign is committed to fostering compassion, kindness, and gratitude throughout our community.

According to a recent article by the Colorado Sun “At a breaking point”: Colorado schools plead for help as stress of pandemic teaching piles up, this is an unprecedented time in our school community’s history.”

In addition, the funding for the school has been reduced dramatically.  The state of Colorado cut funding by nearly $1 million for the current school year.  The CARES act provided some money for our district to cover a portion of the expenses due to Covid, however, the school is projecting expenses to be $500,000 more than what was received.  We are looking at a total deficit this year of $1.5 million dollars.

Every donor, whether monetary or ‘in-kind’, will receive a heart to put in their window, a heart flag or a heart sign in their yard. We want the TSD Faculty and Community to come together during this challenging time and for everyone to share compassion and gratitude with one another.

“Be kind to a teacher, principal, or school worker. They’ve all been working twice as hard for the same pay. Show them some love,” encourages Dylan Brooks, Treasurer/Secretary of Telluride’s Board of Education.

Our goal is to also support local businesses during the pandemic challenges. For example, if you are a food service provider and would like the opportunity to provide lunches or breakfast for our teachers and faculty, we would like to hire you.  We will be providing TSD faculty with gift certificates from local retailers. We want to keep our Telluride employees working during off- peak times and our local businesses open!  We R-1 community!