I’d like to recognize the Telluride Education Foundation (TEF) for their tireless efforts to make school better. It’s my 11th year teaching music here, and I’ve felt TEF’s benefits directly and indirectly all along. Annual magnet grants partially reimburse staff for certain life necessities, intermittent staff meals brighten our weeks, and classroom grants make the impossible possible. All because their tireless volunteers believe in their mission then will it so.

In a fresh bolt of creativity, TEF’s crushing COVID chaos with the Telluride Compassion Campaign. Major shortcomings threaten school’s operations, and they’re simply fighting back by asking for support then focusing the bounty they bring. Beyond budget shortfalls, they’re supporting technologies for at-home learners, specific health training, outdoor learning opportunities, unique staff support, mental health support and direct family support.  Anyone who’d care to support the Compassion Campaign can visit

I’d also like to thank all the new school volunteers and subs who’ve stepped in this year. You’ve also made the impossible possible. Keeping school open these days simply requires more adult boots on the ground. A health care worker confided how robust our school’s own health system is with its special schedules, separated students and systematic protocols. She expressed how it’s keeping town healthy as well as its workforce working.  If anyone would care to volunteer or work as a substitute (so fun!), call any school or Sue Kunz at 970-369-1231.

A final shout out goes to the school board and administrators who’ve skipped no beats in keeping us open and safe. Like everyone else mentioned, they do it happily and for the love of the kids and community. Thank you all.   Thanks for keeping school open, safe and thriving!

Tuck Gillett

Telluride School District