Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Telluride Education Association I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Telluride Education Foundation (TEF).

The beginning of school marks the annual TEF Magnet Grant awards to recipient staff members at the September board meeting. These grants allow teachers to make ends meet, providing support for master’s degrees, child care, housing down payments and commuting from more affordable housing areas. As an award recipient myself, I can assure you that for many teachers, these grants help provide the necessary aid that keeps us afloat here in the Telluride region. From the bottom of our hearts, TEA teachers are so grateful for this crucial financial assistance to our families.

Support from TEF is not just personal, their Experiential Education Grants are integral in providing educational experiences within the classroom that students may otherwise not have access to. Personally, my students in 8th grade health benefit from mindfulness instruction and training from the Rainbow Youth Center of Durango, fully funded by TEF grants. With gigantic funding gaps in education in the state of Colorado, the quality of education that we are able to provide here in Telluride is made possible by the continued support of our community, and made richer from the regular sponsorship of programming in the classroom by the Telluride Education Foundation.

Right now TEF is underway with the Telluride Compassion Campaign,, yet another way that they are showing  love to our school community. Our schools are facing even more challenges this year as the funding continues to be cut and the cost of COVID precautions adds up; TEF is stepping in and helping to fill the gap. Community members, if you are able to, please consider taking part in the compassion campaign!

As part of this campaign you may have noticed large “Thank You” signs from TEF to our schools placed out on the school grounds. Well TEF, we see you, and we feel your constant support, and Telluride Education Association members would just like to say a big thanks to you TEF, we couldn’t do this without you. We love TEF!

In gratitude,

Leah Lauritzen